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About Curt Darling Salon

Curt Darling Salon is a full service salon specializing in the owner's unique Darling DryCut along with a full range of hair color and styling services. We offer a fine selection of Organic Hair Care and Beauty treatments featuring Curt Darling Organic Hair Care and Blending Bar where essential oils are infused into our shampoos and conditioners in dependence upon the individual needs of our guests. We also carry Number 4 High Performance Hair Care, ORG Organic Mineral Peel for face and body and Herban body care. Please view our Service Menu and List of Organic Hair Care products.

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Where to find us

440 S. Main St, Los Angeles CA 90013

Salon Hours

We are here for you, 7 days a week!

Sunday 11 - 7pm
Monday 11 - 7pm
Tuesday 11 - 7pm
Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday 11 - 7pm
Friday 11 - 7pm
Saturday 11 - 7pm

We will be open on Thursday, May 7th from 3pm to 11pm
and Friday, May 9th from 1pm to 8pm